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Freedom to be

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Meet me at Adrift

Getting away. It’s vital. As our lives get busier and noisier, there’s something essential about breaking the grind and stepping out of our routines. Yet getting away doesn’t have to be about traveling far, or spending a ton of money. And it certainly shouldn’t involve the planning, chaos, and stress so often associated with longer journeys from home.

We believe getting away should be about the freedom to be.

People decide to get away for different reasons. So whether you’ve come to sit on the beach, or to enjoy the great outdoors—surfing, biking, hiking, or fishing; whether you’re here for a solo retreat, or to savor delicious, lovingly prepared local foods or craft cocktails with friends, we promise you’ll feel at home from the moment you walk through the door.

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At Adrift...

- You’ll have a unique experience, one that caters to your interests, to your ideas about what an ideal getaway should be.

- You’ll call the shots—you’ll pass the day on your own schedule, at whatever pace suits you.

- You’ll discover the eccentricities and unexpected gifts of our beautiful peninsula.

- You’ll feel completely at home, surrounded by an energy, vibe, and the kind of familiar people that make home “home.”

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Our vibe

The idea behind creating Adrift was simple... We wanted a hotel that is unique, modern, fun and relaxed, for all of our guests to enjoy.

We welcome you as if you’re old friends. When we first opened our doors over four years ago, we decided to welcome guests as if they’re friends of the family. You’ll feel at home from the moment you walk through our doors.

We believe people need to get away, to break the routine. Yet we also know everyone’s reasons for getting out of Dodge are different and highly personal—sometimes you need retreat, sometimes recreation, and other times relaxation. We’ve designed our hotels to let you call the shots, to spend your days with us doing exactly what you want.

Food, drink, and music bring people together. Food, drink, and music are three of life’s greatest pleasures, and they provide occasion for friends and strangers alike to come together around a shared table for conversation and to create lasting memories. They’re deeply engrained in our culture. You can count on lovingly made, locally sourced artisan food, craft cocktails, and live music to be part of your Adrift experience.

Our hotel is modern and eclectic, with an urban-industrial vibe that borrows cues from the local landscape. The public spaces are inviting, encouraging you to kick back and make new friends when you’re feeling social. Need alone time? No worries. Retreat to one of our serene and spacious rooms, every one designed with your comfort in mind.

We’re proud of and love the community we’ve chosen to call home. We encourage you to get out and explore—there are surprises around every corner. Discover the hidden gems and eccentricities of town, or get out and enjoy the wilds of the great Pacific Northwest. We hope to be your home base while you’re taking in everything our region has to offer.

Our Values

Friendly We run our business under the assumption that guests should feel at home the moment you walk through the door. So we’re open and inviting. From the start, you’ll be welcomed by casual conversation, never talked at with ingratiating talking points. You’ll think of us as friends, not hired hands.

Indie To us, this is as much about creating an energy and ethos as it is about the way we look and behave. You’ll feel the pulse of the cities you love, but maybe dialed back a notch or two so you’re still able to take the edge off. Aesthetically and experientially, you’ll be treated to an eclectic, urban vibe—handcrafted, the mixing of old and new, rustic and industrial—that feels just enough like home.

Spirited Perhaps it’s the hypnotic quality of the beach, or the drama of Northwest coastal weather. Maybe it’s what you find inside—artisan food made from locally sourced ingredients, craft cocktails, the absolute love and care our staff puts into every detail. However you encounter it, the Adrift experience exudes soul.

Unexpected There are plenty of places out there where seekers of the touristy beach town experience can lay their heads at night. That’s not us. We cater to guests seeking something a little different. And we promise you a truly memorable experience you might not expect from the beach towns of the Northern Pacific.

Familiar We get you because, well, we’re like you. We value similar things and crave similar experiences. So in every detail, we go out of our way to make sure you feel at home.

We love pets

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What's a trip to the beach without your furry sidekick? When you come to Adrift, any and ALL pets are welcome in all of our rooms! We also sell some fun goodies for your pet pal in the lobby!

We charge a one time cleaning fee of $20 per pet, with a limit of 3 pets per room. We ask that if you do need leave your pet in your room, to please let the front desk know and provide a cell phone number in case we need to reach you. If there is damage done to the room by your pet you are responsible for the charges. 

The Earth is important to us

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We care about the earth and its resources, which is why we remodeled Adrift with the environment and sustainability in mind. Much of the decor and furnishings throughout the property are reclaimed or recyled. We make a concious effort to adopt and incorporate as many environmentally safe practices into our business as possible. We recycle and encourage you to do the same. We also use natural and biodegradable laundry detergent and non-toxic potassium based cleaners.

We also decided it was important to incorporate renewable energy into the daily operation of our hotel. We installed solar hot water panels on the roof to supply hot water to both buildings and one year after completing the installation we were using 26% less propane - even with an increased number of guests staying at the hotel! We also installed solar power to supplement our power needs in our main building and are continuing to seek out ways to be as sustainable and green as possible!