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April Line-Up

Live Music Nightly.  Never a cover, always awesome!

Weekdays start at 8pm & weekends 9pm


We add to our calendar as bookings are confirmed.

  • unnamed

Low Key - April 1 + 2 @ 9pm

Gabriel Shane is the lead-singer in a band called Low Key from the PNW. He started his music career as a professional beatboxer in Los Angeles, CA. Now he writes acoustic pop music with some soul and hip-hop vibes.


  • BradfordLoomis2

Bradford Loomis - April 3, 4 + 5 @ 8pm

Marries grit and melody to dig to the roots of American folklore and speak of the raw reality of the human condition with passion. His stories span several lifetimes of relatable emotions; bitterness & loss, deep longing & regret, enduring hope & love, elation & joy.


  • RedwoodSon

Redwood Son - April 6 @ 7pm

Since being named “Best New Artist” at the 2011 Portland Music Awards, Redwood Son has done a great deal of growing up. The road will do that to a person, and you can see why there is a new found focus for 2015 and beyond. Heading into completion of a new record, which is being produced by Steve Berlin of the iconic band, Los Lobos, we are all wondering what this sound and vibe will be like, regarding an artist that is no longer “New”.
Fusing vintage tones with contemporary stylings, these songs promise to bring a more mature approach to some timeless folk tunes. Truth be told, you may even find a few dusts of country music in this new album, but that’s not a bad thing.


  • 13407061_1114668141927282_3042297622975319130_n

The Deer - April 7 + 8 @ 9pm

With the sort of ingenuity you might expect to come out of Austin, TX, The Deer encompasses the innovation of the modern indie-folk revival and the cross-pollination of Austin’s diverse music scene. Described as transcendental Texas folk and stargaze surf-western, The Deer creates psychotropic soundscapes and tranquil, vivid dream-pop. In 2016’s release, Tempest & Rapture, The Deer marry their brand of moody Americana with rapturous psychedelia, like two wings of one soaring bird.


  • 15267802_1244542445602480_4342447775492734406_n

Luke Winslow-King - April 9 - 11 @ 7pm

Luke Winslow-King is a guitarist, singer, composer, and lyricist known for his slide guitar work, and interest in pre-war blues and traditional jazz. Winslow-King’s work consists of an eclectic mix, taking in delta-folk music, classical composition, ragtime, and rock and roll; juxtaposing original songs with those from a bygone era.

Whether solo, or with a band, Winslow-King offers an original sound that is both rustic and elegant. He delivers energetic and dynamic performances, with his burgundy voice and versatile guitar playing.


  • RedwoodSon

Redwood Son - April 12 @ 8pm

Originally hailing from Northern California, before relocating to Portland Oregon, Redwood Son has been an Indie Artist on the Rise. "His Songwriting combines the grittiness of Ryan Bingham, swagger of Eric Church, and a laid back vibe reminiscent of Jack Johnson" says Grammy Nominated Producer Dave Brainard. Depth and Dimension are his Friends, but don't be surprised if You find yourself singing and bopping along to a stable of catchy songs that come from Life's Trials and Triumph.


  • 14046013_1083784481687788_8448986183378054879_n

Wanderlodge - April 13, 14 + 15 @ 9

Matt Cadenelli is a longtime Portland musician and member of such bands as The Don of Division Street, Fernando, Brothers & Sister, Dr. Theopolis, Portland Country Underground, and others. Weaving together musical styles from Wilco to Nick Lowe to The Kinks to Neil Young, his sounds feature song-centric, melodious vistas aligned with insightful lyrical musings.


  • LewiLongmire2 MIRIFOTO

Lewi Longmire - April 16, 17 + 18 @ 8pm

Lewi Longmire has built a reputation as Portland's multi-instrumentalist "go to guy." In the years since relocating to Portland from Albuquerque, New Mexico, he's been included on shows and recordings by many of the Northwest's finest bands and songwriters. Recently, though, Lewi has taken all the things he learned from working with these fine performers and has been spending his time leading a roots rock/americana band of his own, singing his own original compositions - Lewi Longmire & the Left Coast Roasters.


  • blind pandas

Blind Pandas - April 19 + 20 @ 8pm

Musicians Adam Pitt of Madison, WI and Karlie Paige of Cincinnati, OH met in the most random small town of Long Beach, WA. After knowing each other a few weeks, they sat down on Christmas and decided to play some songs. It wasn't long after that Blind Pandas was formed. A combination of acoustic folk and blues, they combine truthful, heartbreaking lyrics with the prettiest chord progressions they can come up with, as well as finding ways to revamp their favorite covers.


  • 11412397_1092003800813471_6771198675220724468_n

Jeremy Wilson - April 21 @ 9pm

Invisible minstrel, singer of songs, writer of music, and I even played the cello by mistake once.


  • Pete_Krebs2

Pete Krebs - April 22, 23 + 24 @ 9pm

Pete Krebs is an independent musician from Portland, Oregon, best known as a member of the punk-pop band Hazel and a [pickled fish] regular with band, the Earnest Lovers. Having already served successful tours in the Northwest punk bands Thrillhammer, Hazel (two albums on Sub Pop records) and the rambunctious bluegrass band Golden Delicious, Pete Krebs has emerged as one of the most consistently engaging contemporary singer-songwriters. Much like his friend and collaborator Elliott Smith, Krebs uses his more rock-oriented roots to drive his intensely introspective songs. Both Krebs and Smith have passed through early periods of extremely stripped down solo recordings to tackling grander ambitions with more sonically dense collaborative works.


  • prettygritty

Pretty Gritty - April 25 + 26 @ 8pm

Pretty Gritty is the serendipitous joining of the talents of Blaine Heinonen and Sarah Wolff, both born and raised in Montgomery County, MD. Although they originate from different rock bands, fate brought them together at local “open-mic” nights, where it became evident that they shared an interest in writing and performing songs that mix country, rock, blues, and soul. It’s said that she brings the “pretty” while he brings the “gritty”, combining for an engaging alt-country duo with seducing harmonies and addicting acoustics.

PrettyGrittyMusic.com   Listen

  • lower 48

Ben Braden of The Lower 48 w/special guests - April 28, 29 + 30 @ 9pm

From the Portland band The Lower 48, the talented Ben Braden is going solo from the West Coast trio, but isn't coming alone. Come be pleasantly surprised; you won't be dissapointed. 

The Lower 48