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August Line-Up

Live Music Nightly. Never a cover, always awesome! #RockthePickle

We add to our calendar as bookings are confirmed.

  • blind pandas

Blind Pandas - August 1 + 2 @ 8pm

Musicians Adam Pitt of Madison, WI and Karlie Paige of Cincinnati, OH met in the most random small town of Long Beach, WA. After knowing each other a few weeks, they sat down on Christmas and decided to play some songs. It wasn't long after that Blind Pandas was formed. A combination of acoustic folk and blues, they combine truthful, heartbreaking lyrics with the prettiest chord progressions they can come up with, as well as finding ways to revamp their favorite covers.


  • norman baker

Norman Baker- August 3 @ 8pm

With acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and sometimes accompanied by pedal steel, lead guitar, or mandolin, the Backroads feature songs about change, co-existence, relationship, loss, and loss prevention with occasional new renditions of old folk & country songs. He and his bands have shared the stage with Head & the Heart, Bryan John Appleby, Kevin Murphy as well as many other internationally acclaimed artists such as Brandy Carlisle, and Third World.


  • The Harmaleighs

The Harmaleighs - August 4 @ 9pm

The Harmaleighs are a folk duo that calls Nashville, Tennessee home. They found a mutual love for folk/americana and started creating music together in early 2013. Their memorable melodies and attention grabbing lyrics will keep you wanting more if their awkward (and hilarious) stage banter doesn't.


  • the sky colony

The Sky Colony - August 5 + 6 @ 9pm

Hailing from southern Skagit Valley, WA, The Sky Colony is a collective of country kids who blend intricate guitar styles and vocal harmonies to create original and beautiful songs with lyrics that invoke an unconventional dreamscape within the folk genre. Their style and songwriting has been compared to the likes of Neil Young, Fleet Foxes and Iron & Wine, but continues to progress outward from their influences, branching into a new and unique sound with tenacity and heart. They are currently playing shows in and around the Pacific Northwest and preparing material for their first full-length album, to be released independently in 2015.


  • Jenna Ellefson

Jenna Ellefson - August 7 + 8 @ 8pm

"Folkstress Jenna Ellefson has proven she can turn even the hardest souls into pure putty. The Portlander’s chalky voice, coupled with delicate and minimalistic folkscapes, makes for quite the serenade. While stark, the sound echoes Ellefson’s Western upbringing, gently bubbling with a woodsy sense of enchantment and wonder."
- Willamette Week, Portland, Oregon


  • BSB2

August 9 - 11 @ 8pm 

Music TBA

  • Jeff Rhymes

Jeff Rymes and His Plastic Nashville Band - August 12 - 15 @ 9pm


  • bullets and belles

Bullets & Belles - August 16 + 17 @ 8pm

Think Amy Winehouse and Dion & The Belmonts, but also Arcade Fire and Les Paul. Their sublime three-part vocal harmonies and deeply-felt poetic lyrics seamlessly bend through the rules of genre.



SUNMONKS - August 18 + 19 @ 9pm

SUNMONKS is an experimental pop project from California fronted by Geoffrey CK and Alexandra Steele.


  • lidsie

Lindsie Feathers - August 20 - 22 @ 8pm

"Feathers' full length album, Neon Renaissance, is about love, the life journey, our planet and it's dwindling resources, liberating cultural belief systems, being true to the self, connecting to our ancestors, and honoring our heroes," Feathers says. "Spreading your wings and trusting in the flight."

  • prettygritty

Pretty Gritty - August 23 - 25 @ 8pm

Pretty Gritty is the serendipitous joining of the talents of Blaine Heinonen and Sarah Wolff, both born and raised in Montgomery County, MD. Although they originate from different rock bands, fate brought them together at local “open-mic” nights, where it became evident that they shared an interest in writing and performing songs that mix country, rock, blues, and soul. It’s said that she brings the “pretty” while he brings the “gritty”, combining for an engaging alt-country duo with seducing harmonies and addicting acoustics.


  • Pete_Krebs2

Pete Krebs - August 27 + 28 @ 8pm

Pete Krebs is an independent musician from Portland, Oregon, best known as a member of the punk-pop band Hazel and a [pickled fish] regular with band, the Earnest Lovers. Having already served successful tours in the Northwest punk bands Thrillhammer, Hazel (two albums on Sub Pop records) and the rambunctious bluegrass band Golden Delicious, Pete Krebs has emerged as one of the most consistently engaging contemporary singer-songwriters. Much like his friend and collaborator Elliott Smith, Krebs uses his more rock-oriented roots to drive his intensely introspective songs. Both Krebs and Smith have passed through early periods of extremely stripped down solo recordings to tackling grander ambitions with more sonically dense collaborative works.
Debuting as a solo musician in 1995 on Cavity Search Records, Krebs' starkly acoustic Brigadier immediately established him as one of the more impressive voices in the crowded singer-songwriter idiom.


  • 14670628_1224907860928411_4845359865449395991_n

Hollis Peach - August 29 - 31 @ 8pm

Drawing from diverse influences ranging from Simon & Garfunkel, Joanna Newsom, Pete Seeger, and Radiohead, Hollis Peach strives to create authentic innovative music.