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July Line-Up

Live Music Nightly. Never a cover, always awesome! #RockthePickle

We add to our calendar as bookings are confirmed.

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Folkslinger - July 1 @ 9pm

Folkslinger conveys a melodic soundscape that touches the resentfully heartbroken as well as the unabashedly in love. The melodically paced, honest lyrics seamlessly pair with the deep resonating vocals creating vivid imagery through candid storytelling. The songs are a vessel for the eloquent ideas we wish we could express; living for love, being crushed by passion, and longing for something more.


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Wanderlodge - July 2 + 3 @ 8pm

Matt Cadenelli is a longtime Portland musician and member of such bands as The Don of Division Street, Fernando, Brothers & Sister, Dr. Theopolis, Portland Country Underground, and others. Weaving together musical styles from Wilco to Nick Lowe to The Kinks to Neil Young, his sounds feature song-centric, melodious vistas aligned with insightful lyrical musings.
Blending together dynamics ranging from delicate to explosive; expressive Italian lyrics; hook-laden melodies; inventive arrangements; and energetic rhythms to dance to; the band has performed extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest, delighting audiences at the hottest music venues, outdoor festivals, bars, clubs and local radio stations.


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Pete Kartsounes - July 4 - 6 @ 8pm

Armed with an acoustic or electric guitar, blazing skill, powerful voice, award winning songs and relentless heart, Pete writes music that will move and inspire your soul.


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Clinton Herrick - July 7th @ 9pm

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Ezra Bell - July 8th @ 9pm

Formed in Portland in late 2013, Ezra Bell was a changing cast of characters before settling into it's sound. Bassist Levi Zalman, drummer Tom Trotter, horn player and arranger Aaron Mattison, and multi instrumentalist Jeremy Asay provide an often unsettling backdrop for the playful and sometimes vicious vocals of front man Benjamin Wuamett. According to the Willamette Weekly, “Ezra Bell flirts with a broader palette of country, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and swing, and does so admirably, with an outlaw’s shamelessness.”


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Clinton Herrick - July 9th @ 8pm

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J Wagner - July 10 - 12 @ 8pm

J Wagner is a songwriter from Austin,Texas who spends the majority of his time writing songs and driving alone in the U.S. to perform them. Raised in the deserts of New Mexico and one time Park Ranger of Joshua Tree National Park, Wagner often draws his lyrics from this desert landscape. His song/Co-write “If I Go, I'm Goin, has been covered by the country artist, Bart Crow, by the Denver symphony orchestra, and also appears on Season Four of the TV show, Californication. He co-writes often with his long-time friends Gregory Alan Isakov and Ron Scott. Two of these co-writes appear on his new 2014 release, The Runaway Kid, and their song, "Suitcase Full of Sparks" was recentely on the TV show "The Blacklist". Wagner has been dubbed “A number one best bet” by the Austin American-Statesman, The Dallas Morning News has called him “A Texas folk music staple”, and the Austin Chronicle gives "The Runaway Kid" a perfect "Four Stars" and refers to Wagner as "A commander of words and Ideation"


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Fox + Bones - July 13 @ 8pm

"Fox and Bones is a conceptual folk collaboration between American songwriters Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore based in Portland, Oregon. Both artists in their own rite (Sarah Wild and The Watch, Just People), the pair had an instant spark when they met, which quickly translated to an electric songwriting chemistry that has been compared to that of power folk duo Scarlett and Gunnar on the hit TV series "Nashville". The duo, who's music has been called "addictive like peanut butter" by European music blog Rockette, combines lush two part harmonies and a complex, heartwarming lyrical landscape with soft-spoken yet rich musical accompaniment. Live, they draw their audience in with their quirky banter and adorable onstage chemistry, creating - and inspiring in their fans - an archetype for true love in the modern world.


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The Newport Nightingales - July 14 + 15 @ 9pm

We aspire to create an authentic sound that transports you back to the 1930's and keeps you swinging on the dance floor. If you don't leave our show sweaty and smiling then we haven't done our job


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Leslie Mendelson - July 16th @ 8pm

Leslie Mendelson returns with ‘Love & Murder’—the singer/songwriter’s first new album in eight years. A stirring work imbued with emotional depth and poise, the effort is the long-awaited follow up to her Grammy Award-nominated debut, ‘Swan Feathers.’ It’s an apropos title, reflecting the dichotomy between the dark and light she encountered in those years between.


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Little Sue - July 17 - 18th @ 8pm

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Anna Tivel & Jeffrey Martin - July 19 - 21 @ 8pm

PORTLAND MERCURY: "Jeffrey Martin's music is not widely known, which is a shame, because he might be the best songwriter in Portland. With lyrics that read like Raymond Carver stories and a voice that's one breath away from breaking completely apart, Martin's songs are beautiful, sparse, and utterly devastating. . . . If there is any justice in the world, Martin's music will soon reach a wider audience and inflict devastation on a much larger scale."


"Everything here is testament to her storytelling gifts (she’s been likened to Steinbeck and I suspect she may have a novel or short stories collection in her) with her finely drawn characters and observations of an emotional life that ranges from defiance to regret, joy to sadness." -- Folk Radio UK


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Pete Krebs - July 22 - 24 @ 9pm

Pete Krebs is an independent musician from Portland, Oregon, best known as a member of the punk-pop band Hazel and a [pickled fish] regular with band, the Earnest Lovers. Having already served successful tours in the Northwest punk bands Thrillhammer, Hazel (two albums on Sub Pop records) and the rambunctious bluegrass band Golden Delicious, Pete Krebs has emerged as one of the most consistently engaging contemporary singer-songwriters. Much like his friend and collaborator Elliott Smith, Krebs uses his more rock-oriented roots to drive his intensely introspective songs. Both Krebs and Smith have passed through early periods of extremely stripped down solo recordings to tackling grander ambitions with more sonically dense collaborative works.


  • Wil Kinky

Wil Kinky - July 25 @ 8pm

Born and raised outside Portland on a blueberry farm near Cornelius, OR, hard work has always been a part of his life. Wil Kinky takes that same work ethic to music, with a love and a passion for it you can feel. He started at 13 and never looked back, slowly putting all of his efforts into music. Wil's Sound is like John Mayer meets Ray Lamontagne at a radio concert. Its Blues, Soulful with an Alternative edge.


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Pretty Gritty - July 26 - 28 @ 8pm

Pretty Gritty is the serendipitous joining of the talents of Blaine Heinonen and Sarah Wolff, both born and raised in Montgomery County, MD. Although they originate from different rock bands, fate brought them together at local “open-mic” nights, where it became evident that they shared an interest in writing and performing songs that mix country, rock, blues, and soul. It’s said that she brings the “pretty” while he brings the “gritty”, combining for an engaging alt-country duo with seducing harmonies and addicting acoustics.


  • Stephanie Anne Johnson

Stephanie Anne Johnson - July 29 @ 9pm

Stephanie Johnson is an award-winning Northwest singer and songwriter, and is currently on The Voice! Her rich sound has jazz, blues, folk and soul roots.


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Bradford Loomis - July 30 & 31 @ 9pm

Marries grit and melody to dig to the roots of American folklore and speak of the raw reality of the human condition with passion. His stories span several lifetimes of relatable emotions; bitterness & loss, deep longing & regret, enduring hope & love, elation & joy.