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October Line-Up

Live Music Nightly. Never a cover, always awesome! #RockthePickle

We add to our calendar as bookings are confirmed.

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There Is No Mountian - Oct 1 @ 8pm

There Is No Mountain is Kali Giaritta and Matt Harmon making a lot of noise as a duo. Kali and Matt play an intricate, turn-on-a-dime brand of psychedelic pop, with audible influences ranging from ancient folk to modern americana, world music to doom. They walk these lines using a surprisingly small stage setup - acoustic guitar running through distortions and other effects along with a couple standing drums and shakers - and tie everything together with almost-constant vocal harmony.


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Wanderlodge- Oct 2 - 4 @ 8pm

Matt Cadenelli is a longtime Portland musician and member of such bands as The Don of Division Street, Fernando, Brothers & Sister, Dr. Theopolis, Portland Country Underground, and others. Weaving together musical styles from Wilco to Nick Lowe to The Kinks to Neil Young, his sounds feature song-centric, melodious vistas aligned with insightful lyrical musings.

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Will West - October 7th @ 9pm, October 8th @ 8pm

The son of a fiddle player, Will West grew up in eastern North Carolina. Inspired by his parent's vast record collection, he began playing guitar when he was 11 years old. Finding love in Old-Time Blues and Heavy Metal. Will started to sing in early 2000 and he began to write his first original music. Performing his first songs at Open-Mics in Chapel Hill, NC in the summertime of 2000. He finished college and moved to Portland in the summertime of 2002. From his humble beginnings busking on downtown sidewalks and exploring open-mics, Will West has been on a steady climb in this rich Northwest music scene.


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The Last Revel - Oct 9 + 10 @ 8pm

From the budding music scene of the Upper Midwest comes the cutting edge Front Porch Americana soundscapes of The Last Revel. This powerfully talented trio of multi-instrumentalists from Minneapolis, Minnesota so naturally blends the genres of Folk, Rockabilly, Old Time String-Band and Rock to create a sound that is as equally original as it is timeless. The Last Revel trio utilizes their multi-instrumental abilities to bring the acoustic guitar, upright bass, fiddle, 5-string banjo, harmonica, kick drum and three-part vocal harmonies together to consistently deliver “Bombastic live performances,” as well as delicate and haunting folk ballads.


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Lindsie Feathers - October 11th - 12th @ 8pm, October 13th @ 9pm

"Feathers' full length album, Neon Renaissance, is about love, the life journey, our planet and it's dwindling resources, liberating cultural belief systems, being true to the self, connecting to our ancestors, and honoring our heroes," Feathers says. "Spreading your wings and trusting in the flight."

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Malachi Graham & Jamie Stillway - October 14th @ 9pm, October 15th - 16th @ 8pm

Malachi Graham presents punchy female-fronted alt-Americana. Malachi's forceful, nuanced electric guitar and unaffected voice is backed by Jamie Stillway on bass. On her debut EP Selfish (2015), Malachi channels female voices that are intoxicating, self-sabotaging, mesmerizing, and not preoccupied with being liked.


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Cari Quoyeser - Oct 17 -18 @ 8pm

Kory Quinn - Oct. 19th @9pm + 20th @8pm

Songwriter Kory Quinn, a DIY contemporary hobo intellectual, has a refreshingly homespun take on Americana, a very welcome sigh of relief in today's contemporary market. Quinn's songwriting is adroit and surefooted, offering sturdily constructed country, folk, and Cajun-tinged songs for his ensemble to really sink their fangs into on this instant jukebox classic. The songs are short and sweet but packed with clever lines, sentimental harmonies and twangy fills. All that makes them the kind of songs that hang around your brain like honky-tonk regulars.


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Pig Honey - October 21st @ 9pm, October 22nd @ 8pm

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Norman Baker-  October 23rd + 24th @ 8pm

With acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and sometimes accompanied by pedal steel, lead guitar, or mandolin, the Backroads feature songs about change, co-existence, relationship, loss, and loss prevention with occasional new renditions of old folk & country songs. He and his bands have shared the stage with Head & the Heart, Bryan John Appleby, Kevin Murphy as well as many other internationally acclaimed artists such as Brandy Carlisle, and Third World.


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Pretty Gritty - October 25th, 26th @ 8pm, 27th @ 9pm

Pretty Gritty is the serendipitous joining of the talents of Blaine Heinonen and Sarah Wolff, both born and raised in Montgomery County, MD. Although they originate from different rock bands, fate brought them together at local “open-mic” nights, where it became evident that they shared an interest in writing and performing songs that mix country, rock, blues, and soul. It’s said that she brings the “pretty” while he brings the “gritty”, combining for an engaging alt-country duo with seducing harmonies and addicting acoustics.


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Pete Krebs - October 29th + 30th @ 8pm

Pete Krebs is an independent musician from Portland, Oregon, best known as a member of the punk-pop band Hazel and a [pickled fish] regular with band, the Earnest Lovers. Having already served successful tours in the Northwest punk bands Thrillhammer, Hazel (two albums on Sub Pop records) and the rambunctious bluegrass band Golden Delicious, Pete Krebs has emerged as one of the most consistently engaging contemporary singer-songwriters. Much like his friend and collaborator Elliott Smith, Krebs uses his more rock-oriented roots to drive his intensely introspective songs. Both Krebs and Smith have passed through early periods of extremely stripped down solo recordings to tackling grander ambitions with more sonically dense collaborative works.
Debuting as a solo musician in 1995 on Cavity Search Records, Krebs' starkly acoustic Brigadier immediately established him as one of the more impressive voices in the crowded singer-songwriter idiom.