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August Line Up.......... Stay tuned, more to come!

  • daveandmandy

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer - July 31st @8pm + Aug. 1st @9pm

McGraw’s consoling, velvety baritone voice, reminiscent of Greg Brown, coupled with Fer’s soaring and subtly powerful vocal approach, likened to that of Patty Griffin, puts a spit-shine polish on the finely crafted body of songs they have generated together. The intricate weavings of their vocal harmonies are undeniably exceptional. McGraw’s hard-hitting tunes echo narratives of the culture and landscape of the American West, wherein he thoughtfully spins tales of everyday folks looking for a little something more in their earthly existence. Fer takes a more dreamy approach, evoking complex and ethereal imagery within her sultry and haunting melodies. Her potent electric lead guitar playing, in the vein of jazz-fusion guitarist John Scofield, bravely propels this duo through their uniquely heartfelt and spirited live performances, winning over audiences night after night.

  • wilkinsonblades

Wilkinson Blades - Aug. 2nd @9pm + 3rd @8pm

Working the stages and studios in Portland and the greater Northwest over the past two decades, singer/songwriter Steve Wilkinson has cemented his position as one of the region’s most honest & consistent voices in rock. 4:00 AM is a richly evocative & layered album, ruminating on past pleasures and loves, but firmly looking toward a bright future. Originally intended as a solo outing, Wilkinson recruited a roster of veteran Portland players along the way to flesh out the tracks and it soon became apparent that they were in for something other. John Beyer (drums), Grant Cumpston (guitar) & John Huckfeldt (bass) provide more than just a backing band. The 11 tracks that make up 4:00 AM ring with a confidence that speaks not only to the seasoning of the players, but to the vision for the record as a whole.

  • Otisheat

Otis Heat - Aug. 7th @8pm + 8th @9pm

Otis Heat is an alterna-funk rock trio from Portland, OR that began as the result of a near fatal car crash between members in 2008. An illusive drifter, named Otis Heat rescued the semi-conscious men from their hazardous cars and called for help. Post crash, the individuals discussed music while laying in hospital beds, later to bring the discussion into a musical exploration.

  • shellyrudolph

Shelly Rudolph Band - Aug. 9th @9pm + 10th @8pm

Shelly Rudolph is a maker of soul music, a fine and sultry singer and songwriter with a sense of adventure and a desire for emotional truth. As "a robust and captivating vocalist" (Jazz Times), she has dazzled audiences around the globe from Japan, Korea, The West Indies, New York, Los Angeles and Portland where she now calls home. Since returning to her native Northwest, she has achieved a bustling schedule of performing, recording and collaborating with local luminaries such as Tom Grant and Pink Martini’s Phil Baker. Shelly's latest album has steadily received great praise from regional and national publications: "Water in My Hand is a stunning album, intoxicating and stimulating, a mature work from an old soul artist” (Montecito Journal).

  • Dustin Hamman

Dustin Hamman - Aug. 18th, 19th + 20th @8pm

Dustin’s musical tastes span many genres but have always been rooted in folk. He had an early fascination with American Indian singing and early punk rock…later he explored the blues and the origins of country, eventually gaining interest in early jazz, swing, and big band. During a short life in Florida he was introduced to Latin rhythms and became intrigued by Flamenco and classical guitar. More recently, he’s been dabbling in marriages of a variety of genres including, rap, rock, r&b, and noise/ambient, many of which can be heard on the recently released soundtrack for Beneath The Harvest Sky. This was his first film scoring effort and he hopes to do many more.

  • threeforsilver

Three for Silver - Aug. 21st @8pm + 22nd @9pm

Three For Silver is dedicated to re-imagining musical traditions. Their songs exist in a dreamtime reality, with past and present colliding. The evening becomes a flow of feelings, intonations and incantations that leaves audiences alternately bouncing in rhythm or whispering in tender moments. They have created a distinctive sound employing a range of unusual instruments and devices – from bone percussion and scratchy bullhorn vocals to a foundation of accordion and a gigantic bass banjo heralding the way. Above all of this glides Willo Sertain’s voice, which moves along a sonic spectrum from glass-tone clear to Shirley Bassey dirty.

  • colleen raney band

Colleen Raney Band - Aug. 23rd @9pm + 24th @8pm

Colleen’s open-minded and -hearted approach to her repertoire was inherited from, and instilled by, her upbringing in Seattle’s celebrated Raney Family, steeped in step-dancing and song. She breathes new life into the old tunes, finding facets in the music that haven’t been heard before and performing in the company of gifted friends who illustrate both the most delicate and upbeat aspects of her winning style. It’s earned her a following both among longtime adherents of Celtic music and younger fans who are new to the genre.

  • thebellfuries

The Bellfuries - Aug. 25th + 26th @8pm

Where might country, soul, and popular song intersect? Follow The Bellfuries, as they thrill capacity crowds in the US, UK, Australia, and all over Europe (performing in 14 countries in June 2013 alone). The band was formed in 1998 by Joey Simeone (lead vocalist/songwriter) and Josh Williams (upright bass), in Austin, Texas. Although ATX has long been a stronghold for roots music, the band had clearly broken the “rockabilly” mold on arrival. With an original songbook distilling Hank Williams heartbreak and Beatles melody, driven home by Joey’s virtuosic singing and stripped-down instrumental backing, The Bellfuries quickly developed a strong local following.

  • jordanmeeks

Jordan Meeks - Aug. 27th @8pm

Born and raised in the heart of Oregon, Jordan Samuel Meeks draws his inspiration from nature, the search for truth and the passion that drives a man to do what he loves. His songs are a reflection of what he has gathered from others, in his own travels and experiences. Many songs speak of accepting the struggles of life and the growth that comes with hard times. Writing music since the age of 14, Jordan Meeks brings his passion for songwriting to the forefront of his performances.

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