Nate Wallace

November 9 - 10, 20189:00pm - 11:00pm

It’s true. We’re all a little more grey since the last time Nate Wallace of Hearts of Oak joined us for an episode of That Much Further West Podcast.

But like fine wine, we like to think we’re getting better with age, and listening to “Moves,” the fabulous new record by Hearts of Oak, we think the same of Mr. Wallace and his fabulous band. That’s why we were thrilled Nate could join us for podcast Episode #90, recorded live at Landmark Saloon on a rainy October night in Portland, OR, U.S.A.

On this episode, Nate talks about how the evolution of the band led to a more cohesive sound on the new record. Recorded at The Deer Lodge in Portland with bandmate Ezra Meredith at the engineering controls, “Moves” sounds like a band hitting its stride, with older and newer members of the band having found their place in the music and contributing to every song.

Nate Wallace of Hearts of Oak, performing live at Landmark Saloon for Episode #90 of That Much Further West Podcast. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media.

He also talks about his songwriting process, which also has evolved over time, and how he finds inspiration in continually listening to new music — he says he just picked up a record by Colter Wall that hits close to home in terms of style and substance. After talking about his influences, we felt compelled to share a song by the late Jason Molina from his days with Songs: Ohia.

Nate also shares a few live solo performances, including a song from the new record, an newer unreleased song and a cover song from one of his Deer Lodge Records labelmates.

There’s an intimate, cinematic vibe to Nate’s songwriting that not only draws the listener in, but makes you want to get behind the fabulous, adventurous soundscape that surrounds everything Hearts of Oak does live and in the studio.

Nate Wallace