Nathan Earle

August 15 - 16, 20188:00 - 10:00

Nathan Earle is a shapeshifter. Or he has trouble making up his mind. Or he doesn’t like to be crammed in a box. Whichever way you spin it, Nathan has always been versatile. In his wet-behind-the-ears days he and his brother Noah travelled to the City of Angels, where they worked and lived with an R&B Producer on Hollywood Boulevard to court the star-making machinery behind the popular song. For many months they glamorously lived a block from Dean Martin’s star and earned many dollar Whoppers. One Virgin Records A&R rep was quoted as saying of the two after an in-office performance “They’re cute, but they’re not THAT cute.” The duo returned to the country’s waist, where they would form the Kansas City band Mother’s Magic. The music took a rebelliously Pagan turn and heavily featured hand-drums. Noah then embarked on a Critically Acclaimed roots solo career and moved to the country to make chickens and children and to eat roadkill. Nathan followed the Oregon Trail out to the NW, where he became a founding member of the “Charm Core” band Keep Your Fork, There’s Pie, a group that Willamette Weekly called “Sly and the Family Stone on the front porch.” 3 albums later, Nathan began to feel the call of more traditional soul and blues music, and formed the band The Get Ahead with his friend Juliet Howard. The Get Ahead is still very much a living entity. In the past few years Nathan has begun to do his “own thang” much more often, and his solo endeavors often feature a lot of rambling storytelling, impromptu cover songs, on-the-spot songwriting, special and more talented guests, and a Hannah Montana karaoke machine.