Natural Wines 101: With Owen Koetler of Drink OK Wines

June 15, 20193pm - 4.30pm

"drinking a great wine should be like
shaking hands with a mountain -
you're drinking the very land where the vines grow,
not the attenuated expression of a winemaker's ego."
- Andrew Jefford

Organic? Bio-dynamic? Natural? What do those terms mean, and why are they important? Learn more about the fascinating world of viticulture, terroir and natural wines with natural wines expert Owen Koetler, and taste his selection of favorites. You'll learn and do:

- The basics of wine-growing and producing (viticulture)
- Organic vs Bio-dynamic vs Natural
- Natural wines and human health
- Wine tasting

Join us in the Gather Space! There are 30 spaces available, it will be first come first served!