Reb Fountain

June 2 - 4, 20198pm - 10pm

If miles were money, Reb Fountain’d be rich as all get out, if truth was something the radio was interested in she’d be number one for all time, if they melted guts and mettle and turned it to steel and then shaped it into medals Reb’d need two chests. Sometimes its a wonder she can fit all of her heart into one, but BOOM there it goes, gig after gig, song after song, she’s up there one acoustic guitar and THAT voice (you know the one, born of fire and river run, mountain strong and feather soft) and just that, only that, but goddamn that heart…it kicks like a backbeat, it’s Moe Tucker steady and roars like John Bonhams kick. Yet it’s a heart, not a drum but you hear it like such.