Sara and Kenny

May 1 - 2, 20187:30

Italy meets Wisconsin, classical meets jazz, exploring songwriting as a couple.

Sara, a classical guitarist from Italy, joined Kenny, a jazz guitar player from Wisconsin in 2015 to form a duo that creates “a sweet rapport with nothing more than their expressive voices and guitars." (Piet Levy, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

The duo’s debut album, Spirit of Gold was released in fall of 2015 to rave reviews and a sold out show at the historic Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee, WI (USA). Piet Levy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said: “it’s striking how simpatico Sara and Kenny sound…especially considering their backgrounds couldn’t be more different."

After months of traveling and writing, 11 new tracks were recorded in Cosenza, Italy. Shortly after the duo relocated to London and have been growing and performing the music actively, catching the attention of various music critics. Chris Farlie of w21music describes the new material as “…a blend of jazz and traditional music… [Sara and Kenny] challenge your conventional idea of the way a tune should go in an entertaining way.” Tony Moore of Soho Radio London says “Fantastic, original and inspiring music from two astonishingly gifted musicians.”

Sara and Kenny