Will West

February 3 - 4, 20188.30pm-10.30pm, 7pm-9pm

The son of a fiddle player, Will West grew up in rural eastern North Carolina. Inspired by his parent's vast record collection, he began playing guitar when he was 11 years old. First finding a love for Old-Time Blues and Heavy Metal music.

In 2002, he loaded up his guitar, his dog and a handful of original tunes and moved to Portland, Oregon. From his humble beginnings busking on downtown sidewalks and exploring open-mics, Will West has been on a steady rise in this rich Northwest music scene.

He is joined by a collection of stellar musicians called The Friendly Strangers. Together they create a signature blend of Modern Folk, Bluegrass, Pop and Groove elements. Will West & The Friendly Strangers live shows can be wildly different from night to night. They perform in a variety of Trios, Quartets and Big Band line-ups for special events.

The band is known for their easy-going vibes and fun audience participation. Whether they're performing for 1000's at summer festivals or for a handful of listeners at an intimate house concert, the band connects with the audience and they have a wonderful time doing it.